The diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction

erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the incapacity to get and maintain an erection to satisfy your sexual partner. Impotency always leads to the impairment of life quality. Problems with potency often cause the sense of frustration and decrease the sense of joy and pleasure. Usually, the man with impotency looks sad and unhappy. If he tries to conceal his problem and does not seek treatment, he loses the years of successful love life. Impotency is an indicator of the men health.

However, erectile dysfunction isn’t fatal and can be effectively cured. It is much better and easier to start treating this disease at an early stage. Try to understand that it’s crucial for your health and consult your doctor as soon as possible. Modern medicine has achieved significant progress in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, making this disease curable. Using, you can choose the best drugs for erectile dysfunction – Viagra, Cialis 20mg, Levitra and others. Thus, if you have problems with potency, you don’t have to put up with this problem. See a skilled doctor who specifies in the diagnostics and therapy of erectile dysfunction. Based on a full examination and your individual features, you can choose the most suitable course of treatment and improve your sexual life. The price of treatment of impotency can be minimal. Start the treatment on your own. First of all, try to address all the factors that can lead to erectile dysfunctions. The most common of them are: sedentariness, smoking and the intake of drugs that may negatively affect potency. Your psychological climate is also very important. You should discuss your problems with your man/wife/sexual partner instead of concealing it.
We also recommend you to consult an andrologist or urologist, as these doctors can tell you which tests you must do. They may include:

– Blood and urine tests.
– Blood chemistry.
– Analyses on sex hormones.
– Analyses on an infection of the reproductive organs.
– Ultrasound (this test is conducted at rest and in erection).

In some cases, you should consult other specialists (such as endocrinologist, sexologist, psychotherapist, etc), as this diseases may be caused by different reasons.

The course of treatment depends on many factors. You should eliminate the existing hormonal diseases, infections, psychological and neurological issues. Moreover, without improving your health condition and abandoning bad habits, it is impossible to achieve good results in treating impotency.

There are different ways of treating erectile function:

– Drugs increasing an erection.
– Injection of vasodilators.
– Vacuum devices.
– Prosthesis.

Keep in mind that all these methods have many side effects, so they must be used only if the main treatment doesn’t work. Usually, the use of properly chosen medication, psychotherapy and treatment of related diseases makes it possible to solve the problem without any auxiliary methods. All the men must consult a specialist and get treatment, because it affects the quality of their love life.

Obesity – a Consequence of High Levels of Female Hormones

A lot of information can be found regarding women’s obesity, but men lately in no way inferior to women in matters of overweight. The only mechanisms of obesity in women and men are different. First of all, the researchers found that the treatment of obesity among men is directly associated with the normalization of the level of the main male sex hormone – testosterone.



As a rule, young men are mostly owners of broad shoulders and muscular torso. But at some point, usually after age 30, there is nowhere tummy and female breasts, buttocks and thighs too fat gutter. This phenomenon even has a medical name – “age hypogonadism.” It means it decreases testosterone production. That is in addition to the love of the couch, beer and greasy food, obesity in men are as much to blame for changes in the endocrine system.

Diseases as the Causes of Obesity


Of course, the reduction of sex hormones may also affect endogenous factors:

  • hypertension;
  • coronary heart disease;
  • diabetes;
  • frequent reception of various drugs.


That is, the weaker the immune system, the more harmful lifestyle are men (smoking, fatty foods, alcohol and beer), the more likely that the body of his situation arises favorable to lower testosterone levels. By the way, another powerful factor negatively affecting the health of men is chronic stress. Yes, the stronger sex, too, needs rest and support.


Undoubtedly, the health of a man is always in his hands, and not to become a victim of obesity, it is necessary to know some truths ascribed. First of all, it is necessary to monitor the weight, for instance at the waist volume, which normally should not exceed 94 cm.


If it is more – it means obesity. If more than 102 cm waist, it is likely to be the case of testosterone deficiency.


In the case of obese women, some scientists believe that a woman’s body is able to store fat in reserve. This is due to the fact that the nature of the woman destined to give birth, and in the event of an emergency situation the body will store fat so that even in extreme conditions, a woman could reproduce offspring.


In the adipose tissue of the stronger sex, testosterone and androstenedione are converted into the female sex hormones – estradiol and estrone. This process leads to a decrease in testosterone levels.


The fall of levels of the male sex hormone not only leads to obesity, but also entails a radical change in the character and behavior of men. Reduced efficiency, lethargy, and apathy, passive way of life, TV or computer – all this is instead of walking or sports. All of this – is a sure sign of low testosterone levels.

Strict Recommendations


Here are some strict guidelines that must be observed by men in the first place in obesity:

  1. Changing the diet. More fruits and cereals. Lean meats and fish. Avoid alcohol completely, fast food, beer. Very severely limit sweet and flour. These recommendations are general in nature, and the right thing would be to contact a dietitian.
  2. Sport should be an integral part of life. You do not need to spend the night in a rocking chair; it is much more useful to be running, swimming or preventive training in the sports` hall.
  3. Hardening. This is important in order to strengthen the immune system and as little as possible to take various pills, especially antibiotics.
  4. A reasonable work and rest mode. Do not bring themselves to exhaustion and job stress. This also leads to a reduction of testosterone in the blood and as a consequence – obesity. Rest is best in nature, active rather than lying on the couch.


The question arises – how to live now and what to do? And the answer is categorical – to completely change the way of life. If the waist is close to the mark of 94 cm, it is time to work on you.

The Truth about Erectile Dysfunction

The occurrence of erectile dysfunction is due to the development of diseases and other kinds of diseases (hypertension, atherosclerosis, hormonal imbalances, and diabetes). The more a man smokes and the more intensive use alcoholic drinks, the faster its ability to get an erection will degrade. Erectile dysfunction prevents the getting of the nerve impulses to the penis either does not allow him admission to blood. This disease occurs both organic and by psychogenic reasons. Erectile dysfunction can be and needs to be treated, and the treatment may be effective, even if the suffering from it person is for 45 years or more.

Erectile Dysfunction

Scientists` researches

Massachusetts Male Aging Study – is collective information gathering, which show how the percentage of patients suffering from impotence had increased. According to statistics, erectile dysfunction in varying degrees occurs in 20% of adult men and about 33% of men over the age of 60 years, regardless of race. Experts also argue that this pathology is more common in developed countries. According to the same statistics, with each passing year the number of men suffering from the disease, is increasing. When this happens, the weight is dialed, body hair is thinning, and the level of testosterone decreases, libido is greatly reduced, potency becomes much worse.

If a person excessively fixes attention on their own feelings, is constantly experiencing anxiety, it may appear the so-called psycho-emotional disorders. He is depressed, not sleeping, is irritable, at work everything goes wrong. Often, psycho-emotional factor affects the condition of the prostate gland. The man begins to complain of pain, to listen to their feelings, and then notices that really began to urinate more often. It’s a vicious circle. In such cases, violation of potency and rapid ejaculation is due to the fact that people exaggerate their concerns, brings up own fears, begins limit yourself in sexual intercourse. When a man is very nervous at the meeting or on a date with a woman, he can increase the secretion of adrenalin, which will negatively affect the blood vessels, for example, in the penis.

According to doctors

Dr. Köhler says that men are not mentally equilibrated, and their emotional background may adversely affect the potency. Previously, men also suffered from infertility, low levels of hormones in the blood, but now youth takes the first place. And these are the main causes of early impotence:

  1. Bad food. The most striking products from “harmful representatives” is croutons made by industrial way, potato chips in a flavored basis, so popular pizza, food such as “fast food”, genetically modified foods, slowing down the production of testosterone, but, for example, donuts, mayonnaise, french fries, hot dogs dramatically increase the chance of earning atherosclerosis that impairs erection. They are all directly reducing the potency of men.
  2. Bad drugs. There are also bad drugs for potency – it is certain antibiotics, antidepressants. So before you start taking any medication, it is mandatory to consult a doctor. Means of complex composition are drugs and dietary supplements of plant and animal origin. They have different mechanisms of action: the active substances contained in them (phytosterols, biostimuliny, natural tocopherols), have a tonic, stimulant and tonic effect. These agents have pro-androgenic activity, stimulate spermatogenesis, reduce the viscosity of the semen, and have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activity. Acting on the central mechanisms of erection and testicles, reduce/increase libido, sexual satisfaction, the production of a full-fledged sperm.

It was previously known the connection with erectile dysfunction with an increase in the body of the hormone angiotensin II levels. This hormone causes the vasoconstriction. This reduces the generation of nitrogen oxide, so important during erection. In the normal case, nitrogen oxide causes relaxation of smooth muscles, vasodilatation and increased blood filling tissues. At a high level of angiotensin, these processes are being violated.

  1. Lack of physical activity and sedentary lifestyle. Dr. Köhler says that male tallow, in contrast to the female, is very tough impact on health, it starts implanting the heart, lungs and other organs and body systems. It begins shortness of breath, sweating, pain in the heart. For example, if a man is engaged in sedentary work, it can lead to erectile dysfunction due to the fact that the sexual organs are worse supplied with blood in that position. The simplest thing – is to lead a more active lifestyle. For example, some inflammatory disease may cause a decrease in potency, lack of a substance in the body leads to the same effects.

Men have different attitudes to their illness: some prefer not to think about it, others having listened to the “problem” talk, begin to look for some symptoms. If you really need the doctor help, do not delay a visit to him.