The diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction

erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the incapacity to get and maintain an erection to satisfy your sexual partner. Impotency always leads to the impairment of life quality. Problems with potency often cause the sense of frustration and decrease the sense of joy and pleasure. Usually, the man with impotency looks sad and unhappy. If he tries to conceal his problem and does not seek treatment, he loses the years of successful love life. Impotency is an indicator of the men health.

However, erectile dysfunction isn’t fatal and can be effectively cured. It is much better and easier to start treating this disease at an early stage. Try to understand that it’s crucial for your health and consult your doctor as soon as possible. Modern medicine has achieved significant progress in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, making this disease curable. Using, you can choose the best drugs for erectile dysfunction – Viagra, Cialis 20mg, Levitra and others. Thus, if you have problems with potency, you don’t have to put up with this problem. See a skilled doctor who specifies in the diagnostics and therapy of erectile dysfunction. Based on a full examination and your individual features, you can choose the most suitable course of treatment and improve your sexual life. The price of treatment of impotency can be minimal. Start the treatment on your own. First of all, try to address all the factors that can lead to erectile dysfunctions. The most common of them are: sedentariness, smoking and the intake of drugs that may negatively affect potency. Your psychological climate is also very important. You should discuss your problems with your man/wife/sexual partner instead of concealing it.
We also recommend you to consult an andrologist or urologist, as these doctors can tell you which tests you must do. They may include:

– Blood and urine tests.
– Blood chemistry.
– Analyses on sex hormones.
– Analyses on an infection of the reproductive organs.
– Ultrasound (this test is conducted at rest and in erection).

In some cases, you should consult other specialists (such as endocrinologist, sexologist, psychotherapist, etc), as this diseases may be caused by different reasons.

The course of treatment depends on many factors. You should eliminate the existing hormonal diseases, infections, psychological and neurological issues. Moreover, without improving your health condition and abandoning bad habits, it is impossible to achieve good results in treating impotency.

There are different ways of treating erectile function:

– Drugs increasing an erection.
– Injection of vasodilators.
– Vacuum devices.
– Prosthesis.

Keep in mind that all these methods have many side effects, so they must be used only if the main treatment doesn’t work. Usually, the use of properly chosen medication, psychotherapy and treatment of related diseases makes it possible to solve the problem without any auxiliary methods. All the men must consult a specialist and get treatment, because it affects the quality of their love life.