The Truth about Erectile Dysfunction

The occurrence of erectile dysfunction is due to the development of diseases and other kinds of diseases (hypertension, atherosclerosis, hormonal imbalances, and diabetes). The more a man smokes and the more intensive use alcoholic drinks, the faster its ability to get an erection will degrade. Erectile dysfunction prevents the getting of the nerve impulses to the penis either does not allow him admission to blood. This disease occurs both organic and by psychogenic reasons. Erectile dysfunction can be and needs to be treated, and the treatment may be effective, even if the suffering from it person is for 45 years or more.

Erectile Dysfunction

Scientists` researches

Massachusetts Male Aging Study – is collective information gathering, which show how the percentage of patients suffering from impotence had increased. According to statistics, erectile dysfunction in varying degrees occurs in 20% of adult men and about 33% of men over the age of 60 years, regardless of race. Experts also argue that this pathology is more common in developed countries. According to the same statistics, with each passing year the number of men suffering from the disease, is increasing. When this happens, the weight is dialed, body hair is thinning, and the level of testosterone decreases, libido is greatly reduced, potency becomes much worse.

If a person excessively fixes attention on their own feelings, is constantly experiencing anxiety, it may appear the so-called psycho-emotional disorders. He is depressed, not sleeping, is irritable, at work everything goes wrong. Often, psycho-emotional factor affects the condition of the prostate gland. The man begins to complain of pain, to listen to their feelings, and then notices that really began to urinate more often. It’s a vicious circle. In such cases, violation of potency and rapid ejaculation is due to the fact that people exaggerate their concerns, brings up own fears, begins limit yourself in sexual intercourse. When a man is very nervous at the meeting or on a date with a woman, he can increase the secretion of adrenalin, which will negatively affect the blood vessels, for example, in the penis.

According to doctors

Dr. Köhler says that men are not mentally equilibrated, and their emotional background may adversely affect the potency. Previously, men also suffered from infertility, low levels of hormones in the blood, but now youth takes the first place. And these are the main causes of early impotence:

  1. Bad food. The most striking products from “harmful representatives” is croutons made by industrial way, potato chips in a flavored basis, so popular pizza, food such as “fast food”, genetically modified foods, slowing down the production of testosterone, but, for example, donuts, mayonnaise, french fries, hot dogs dramatically increase the chance of earning atherosclerosis that impairs erection. They are all directly reducing the potency of men.
  2. Bad drugs. There are also bad drugs for potency – it is certain antibiotics, antidepressants. So before you start taking any medication, it is mandatory to consult a doctor. Means of complex composition are drugs and dietary supplements of plant and animal origin. They have different mechanisms of action: the active substances contained in them (phytosterols, biostimuliny, natural tocopherols), have a tonic, stimulant and tonic effect. These agents have pro-androgenic activity, stimulate spermatogenesis, reduce the viscosity of the semen, and have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activity. Acting on the central mechanisms of erection and testicles, reduce/increase libido, sexual satisfaction, the production of a full-fledged sperm.

It was previously known the connection with erectile dysfunction with an increase in the body of the hormone angiotensin II levels. This hormone causes the vasoconstriction. This reduces the generation of nitrogen oxide, so important during erection. In the normal case, nitrogen oxide causes relaxation of smooth muscles, vasodilatation and increased blood filling tissues. At a high level of angiotensin, these processes are being violated.

  1. Lack of physical activity and sedentary lifestyle. Dr. Köhler says that male tallow, in contrast to the female, is very tough impact on health, it starts implanting the heart, lungs and other organs and body systems. It begins shortness of breath, sweating, pain in the heart. For example, if a man is engaged in sedentary work, it can lead to erectile dysfunction due to the fact that the sexual organs are worse supplied with blood in that position. The simplest thing – is to lead a more active lifestyle. For example, some inflammatory disease may cause a decrease in potency, lack of a substance in the body leads to the same effects.

Men have different attitudes to their illness: some prefer not to think about it, others having listened to the “problem” talk, begin to look for some symptoms. If you really need the doctor help, do not delay a visit to him.